Elopement in Amalfi - Raffaele e Serena

What's more beautiful than a romantic elopement on the Amalfi coast? That's what I thought as soon as Raffaele and Serena contacted me. They’re a young couple fretting at the thought of getting married as soon as possible: they requested a photoshoot in Amalfi, the pearl of the Amalfi coast.

The oldest of the Maritime Republics, rich in history and with a breathtaking landscape, Amalfi is the most important city in the stretch of coast that goes from Positano to Vietri sul Mare: a labyrinth of alleys and stairs that tell the story of a commercial powerhouse now in decline; however, this city has a lot to offer to couples and tourists.

A romantic elopement in Amalfi is a dream come true for so many reasons: with its natural and architectural beauties, the mild climate, the wonderful monuments, and its peculiar position halfway between the sea and the mountains, there is not a single con to spend hours or days here. It is no coincidence that Amalfi is the ideal location for a wedding on the Amalfi coast, especially if you love good food, art, culture, and the unique, natural landscape. 

The Cathedral of Amalfi, which shows a mixed style of Romanesque, Baroque, Rococo, and Neo-Moorish, is the trump card for any photographer on the Amalfi coast: it is an imposing and millenary structure easily accessible from its majestic staircase. Under the naves and arches, tens of thousands of married couples and lovers are immortalized on the occasion of a romantic elopement in Amalfi or a wedding in Amalfi; even if your time is limited to just a few hours, that’s enough to be completely captivated by its beauty. It is no coincidence that Amalfi is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and therefore not only admired but protected.

Serena and Raffaele weren't sure about the style for the photoshoot, so I opted for a mixed style between street reportage photography and classic photography. Opting for this solution I was able to capture both their explosive naturalness, given that they are a rather piperine couple, and their beauty exploiting posed shots. The choice of clothes with light and uniform, almost pastel tones, is not accidental: the effect obtained during the photoshoot in Amalfi is the result of artistic research and experience. Some of my favorite shots are in fact the black and white ones, in which this attractive couple take on the appearance of two angels, flaunting a smile that warms the heart.

The love that can be seen exuding in the shots is playful and passionate, just like them, and it was the first thing they recognized once the photos were delivered. Anyone can take a picture, but displaying emotion or capturing the reflection of somebody’s soul crystallized in a shot is the result of years of experience and a pinch of an artistic and creative vein. I let the shots speak for me, telling a day composed of stunning shades of seawater, laughter, love, smiles, and glances: all under the warm protection of a millenary institution, The Duomo, wise as an old housekeeper, that does not judge but rather welcomes among his arms all travelers. This is Amalfi.

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